Already as a child I wanted to become an explorer. Eagerly I read books about far journeys and challenging adventures. Laying on my belly I studied the atlas for hours. The extraordinary stories and beautiful maps fascinated me. I spend weeks fantasizing about which places I would visit, when I would be grown up.

Still, every moment I explore my life further and deeper. In the course of time, this exploration transformed in a way that I could never have imagined as a child. I travel to new places in the world…. but above all into myself.

Life plays out within us, within our consciousness. From our consciousness we can explore and experience our life in the body, the mind and the soul.


 I was living as a yogi before I knew it was yoga. Yoga is (everywhere in) my life. In how I choose to live, in the way I care for my health, physically and mentally. In the way I care for others and my environment. I am not enlightened, I am a human awakening my consciousness in this life. And I love supporting others on their conscious journey to expand their life experiences. 

Everything I ‘take in’ my life is getting more conscious and conscious. My consciousness is expanding and therefor my life experience is expanding through body, mind and soul.

Currently I live in my van, since this gives me the perfect freedom of living in nature and in the same time live my purpose to help other people find theirs.


NATURE has always been my biggest love. As a child I run through the fields behind our house, planted veggies and flowers in the garden, brew tea from herbs I didn’t know

And grown I just explored all those activities further and deeper, running through the mountains in adventures races, having a garden of my own, connecting with plants in deeper levels than I could imagine as a child.



Ibiza, Spain, 2020


Ibiza, Spain, 2020


Triglav, Slovakia, 2017


Dolomites, Italy, 2018


The belief you can expand your life

I got to know Caloe as a warm and very competent guide and coach for me. She created a pleasant atmosphere by her calm presence and empathy. I felt free and safe. I was encouraged by Caloe and nature to push my bounderies and to look for my strength to overcome difficult ascents or descents, as in real life. To see new possibilities, to learn from the past and to see new views. You can assume that Caloe offers you the best of her many talents with lots of love!

Sjoeke Zwart


 Every person is unique, that is the beauty of being a human. You matter, in who you are. That is from where I make connection with you.

 I offer you opportunities to heal and open yourself to life by; breath, coaching, meditation, personal development challenges, energy work, sound. I will empower you by guiding you how you can connect with your life energy.

 I facilitate an environment for you to open your heart and live your life from love.

 I like working with people who want to master their life from a deep intrinsic motivation. People who want to release themselves to live a liberated life. Exploring life, expanding experiences. 

 My power lays in creating an environment where people feel safe and free to discover life from totally openness. To connect with life from love. I align myself with the energy what is in the moment. From there we work in a flow with what arises in the moment from a holistic perspective.

I keep discovering and playing. Therefore each of my programs have an authentic and quirky focus, where I connect with from joy and dedication.


intuitive  truthful ▵ holistic

beyond the ordanary into the extraordinary


The last 10 years I have guided many individuals and teams in  diverse circumstances all to . I have been working for a variety organizations which gave me the inspiration to develop my own way of working. I like to challenge my self and others. To go off track, to find the space.


▵ Coaching

▵ Breathing 

▵ Meditation

▵ Movement

▵ Energy work

▵ Challenges

▵ Sharing


▵ Applied psychologist specialized in coaching & counseling

▵ Breathcoach

▵ Tantra yogalifestyle teacher

▵ Mountaing guide

▵ Wilderness First Responder