Everybody has self-determination on their own energy & consciousness. This is the base of your life (experience).


There is not one truth. Truth is wisdom from differentperspectives put together. Openess leads to deeper wisdom and creates new ‘truths’.


The alchemy you make with your energy & consciousness; creating your identity based on your truths & values.


Grasp we are part of a bigger picture. Conscious interaction is the space to create a better world. Within ourselves, our relationships & communities. 

I got to know Caloe as a warm and very competent guide and coach for me. She created a pleasant atmosphere by her calm presence and empathy. I felt free and safe. I was encouraged by Caloe and nature to push my bounderies and to look for my strength to overcome difficult ascents or descents, as in real life. To see new possibilities, to learn from the past and to see new views. You can assume that Caloe offers you the best of her many talents with lots of love!

Sjoeke Zwart


I make connection with how you experience your life & the world. This is the  point where you journey starts to open your consciousness further. Step by step you will learn your life lessons and heal. From there you will get off your beaten track. Giving yourself permission to reinvent yourself and experience new ways of being. 

Every person is unique, that is the beauty of being a human. Everyone exists out of an incomparable cocktail of energy and conscious elements. This unique composition asks for an unparralleled healingrecipe for each individual. A recipe in which proven formulas get combined and adjusted to you and your situation. With this approach you will discover your own alchemy. 

To make this possible I facilitate the environment for you to open your heart & live your life from love.

I offer you opportunities to heal and open your heart by; coaching, breath work, meditation, personal development inquiries, energy work, sound. I will empower you by guiding you to connect with your life energy & consciousness.

 I like working with people who want to master their life from a deep intrinsic motivation. People who want to release themselves from fear and pain, to liberate themselves and live life from love. Exploring & expanding their life(experience).

My power lays in creating an environment where people feel safe and free to discover themselves from totall openness. I align myself with the energy of  the moment. From there we work intuitively with what arises from a holistic approach.

Me, myself I keep exploring and expanding. Therefore my programs continuously evolve. I have an authentic and quirky focus and  connect with you from curiosity & dedication. Whenever there arises space I like to bring in joy and lightness.


intuitive  truthful ▵ holistic


beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary


My natural coaching habitat is the outdoors. This is where my healing & empowering gifts come to most valuable expression.

Therefor the group programs I offer are always in or close to nature.

When I work online with you, I will also be in or close to nature.

My connection with nature supports me to make connection with you on deeper levels, providing deep healing & transformation.


I can understand you like to know a little about my experience with transformation.

So you can feel I can relate myself to you and your situation, to offer the support you are looking for. During your (sometimes very) unpleasant process of transformation.

At the right I give you a few examples of some of my personal transformational processes of awakening to my own potential.

Just to be clear. Every human is different. Every situation is different. AND there are many visions on ‘illnesses’.

I share my vision with you. When you feel my approach resonates with you then I am the right coach for you.


I experienced depression when the system lead my path through the oppressive education.


When I stayed to long in unhealthy (work)relations or situations




When I unconsciously felt others didn’t understand me.




When the government’s social detective was investigating me because I don’t want to live in a house. I could feel an energy was investigating me.



I have had several different spiritual awakenings. All different experiences with different teachings. Most of these moments happened when I was in close connection with nature.

A spiritual awakening is when your higher consciousness is opening (sometimes in rapid speed).

Suddenly you are able to sense other energies through your sixth sense which opened up for you. You experience a spiritual awakening as a psychoses when you are not conscious (enough) what is happening to you. Where you can get lost in unknown layers of consciousness. You will experience states of being where you need to learn to determine which energy is yours and which energy is someone or something else.*

* in psychiatry known as psychose 


I don’t say it was always an easy road, but when you belief in yourself and you are determined to heal and evolve,

you will get to the other side!!



The last 10 years I have guided many individuals & teams in diverse circumstances & environments.

With even more diverse desires to learn, grow & transform.

This makes it easy for me to understand where people come from, what they experience & how that effects their life.


Since I decided to work with people on deeper personal healing and transformation. People who like to transcend the pain of their past come to me.

General psychiatric terms related are: depression, psychose, abuse trauma, anxiety, fear, addiction

I belief all these illnesses are a message from your ‘self’, telling you change is needed to come back to balance. And open to your full potential.


I coached leaders to establish a circulair, regenerative leadership. Innovation could flow with ease through all layers. As the wisdom of all involved where included & integrated in the creation proces of the organization.

When you like to know more, take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

▵ Applied psychologist specialized in coaching & counseling.
▵ Breathcoach
▵ Tantra yogalifestyle teacher
▵ Mountain guide
▵ Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Medical Associates International