The true art of life is to feel home within yourself. Creating a home by living from the heart and your own wisdom. A home in which you feel happy.

Finding balance between home and the outside world can be a challenge.

Do the current developments in society make it more difficult to stay faithfull to your own values from self worthiness?

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Caloe has created a beautiful bridge between the facts of daily reality and the inner feelings which arise from them. – Sander van Reedt Dortland

Close to the skin, written dead honest! And that is precisely why I experience an open invitation to look at myself with an honest look. – Merel Colenteur

A book that encourages reflection and appreciation for all that is and that can provide guidance in this time of great change. 

 It stimulates to take action to create a new reality together in which everyone is equal and free.  Marieke

Blurs all box boundaries for a while. – Laila


During our life we continuously seek to create a nice home. We desire to develop a space where we feel safe and happy inside ourselves. A house offers us a home where we create happiness in the physical world.

Daily we come out of our houses and make connections with the outside world. Through this we explore and experience life. When we connect with the world around us, we learn that we can shape this together. From this connected creation will arise a society where everybody feels home. Right?…


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An imperfect book, the daily reality

This book is far from perfect. I wanted to publish it with a publishing house and an established editor, so my stories would be linguistically refined and the book would become a first class pearl.

But in reality, life isn’t perfect. Reality is quite unruly these days. Maybe I should accept that more. That life isn’t perfect, that I’m not perfect. I’m practicing this. And since I learn easiest by experience I decided to bring something into the world without taking the calibrated steps.

Like the government is doing with the corona Vaccinee. Just going ahead, without hundreds of checks to be sure it’ll be okay first. I can do this with a book right? Or will what I’ve written have a bigger impact than I can imagine at this moment?

In my eyes there lurks a strong threat to lose our self determination. I’ll and can’t let that happen, therefore this book may be far from perfect. I hope my stories will lead to deeper awareness of the  impact of all measures behind every door. That people will get into conversations together about how our society is changing as fast as an express train.

I have written down my experiences and stories.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t realize your stories exist too.

And that your reality might be a total different reality than mine.

But I belief that a part of my reality, which I gave words in this book, is also your reality.

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From chapter “I”

Big news for my consciousness

I’ve an insight to share that’s big for me. It might be that you will think: really? Really in the sense of: how naive that you didn’t know that already. Or really in the sense of: wow, what an absurd thought, that isn’t real, is it? How my insight causes a reaction within you can have different directions, and that’s what this is about.

Today I really realised the news isn’t always true. I knew some things in the news sometimes get a bit gushy. At home I learned exaggeration was the profession of the commercial news channels. 

In my experience I grew up with the fact the public broadcast news is reliable. Until approximately a year ago I accepted all news as truth. My parents instilled the conviction that the public broadcast news is our only objective and trustworthy source of information to keep ourselves informed on what’s going on in the world. The idea that the news could be censored in the Netherlands ….

New times, new approaches*


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About the author

the author

” Through share your world of experience from softness with your beloved ones, there will arise valuable conversations which contribute to understanding and compassion towards yourself and others. 

There arises a moment to take a breathe when you can have conversations about topics, which difficult to discuss at first.  

Exchange experiences of your life journey is a way to unfold and maintain a healthy humanity.”    –  Almo Caloe

Almo Caloe

Almo Caloe (1985) is philosopher of being, holistic psychologist, writer & sovereign life artist.

Almo Caloe is fascinated by consciousness and what moves us in life. She sees life as a journey of discovery. A journey in which we continously determine how we want to evolve ourselves. The destination is a state of being which she feels we can call our own divine creation. 

Her philosophy is that our life encompasses walking different life paths. The path of self healing, on which someone heals individual and collective trauma. The path of discovery, to learn throught experience and develop into a conscious human being. To eventually reach the path of mastery; the path where you have become master of your own consciousness and life experience.

As a child, Almo Caloe already dreamed about becoming an explorer. She fantasised about all the places she would visit when she grew up. Currently, she lives in the tiny house she built into a van with her own hands. She leads a travelling life for the purpose of connecting people and places and strenghtening the energy light and water grid. 

Almo Caloe lives in close connection with nature. This is her life medicine and source of inspiration.

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© 2022 Almo Caloe

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Ebook © English 2022

Original Dutch edition 2022 ©

Publisher: Conscious Express

Cover design: Almo Caloe

Text design: Almo Caloe

Final editing Dutch original: Judith Jansen & Silke van Deelen

English translation: Almo Caloe

Editing translation: Gina Edens & Myrna van der Molen

My wish is that the ideas, perspectives and experiences in this book will reach everybody who can benefit and feel inspired by it.