reach beyond my mind

the sea washes

fluidity into me

plants wispher


submerging in nature

a coherent beat

my heart opens

it’s in those moments

my soul sings


or at least one of them

Already as a child I wanted to become an explorer. Eagerly I read books about far journeys and challenging adventures. Laying on my belly I studied the atlas for hours. The extraordinary stories and beautiful maps fascinated me. I spend weeks fantasizing about which places I would visit, when I would be grown up.

Still, every moment I explore my life further and deeper. In the course of time, this exploration transformed in a way that I could never have imagined as a child. I travel to new places in the world…. but above all into myself.

Life plays out within us, within our consciousness. From our consciousness we explore and experience our life in the body, the mind and the soul.


is nature 

She is

changing shapes and colors

in her own circumstances


she transforms,

predictable and suprising


she blooms and fruits

bringing incomparable gifts


she dies endless deads


and yet,

she is always there


a natural divine humanity

All personal transformations lead to collective transformation. Through which we create humanity into a healthy organism.

By consciously connecting our energy from the heart we have the power to manifest heaven on earth for ourselves & others.


becoming a divine human

Opening consciousness 

in the deepest levels 

of it’s magical wisdom.

Wiring a conscious energy field 

of transparant, truthful love.


The belief everyone can expand their life experience