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Italy, Dolomites

26 JULY – 2 AUGUST 2023

16 – 23 July 2024


English & Nederlands

An adventure with conscious companions through


This family Mountainbreath journey is a special experience!

With other families you will go on a wonderful tracking, where the children explore the mountains with a trusted guide. And their parents follow their footsteps.

We will journey as real mountain explorers in a stunning area which has a lot to reveal; magical forests, mountain meadows with beautiful flowers and mountain herds, passes with mountain goats and marmots, refreshing tarns to bravely take a dive, healing mountain plants… And for those children and adults who are brave and fit enough; there is a possibility to climb a real mountain peak.


 of the journey

At the first afternoon we meet in the pretty old town of Bergamo. Here everybody also get the last guidance on packing their bag. After a night in a B&B we travel by bus to the centre of a very small mountain village.

A village as from the movies; with a pretty little church where an old Italian lady walks down the street and when you look up you see a range of stunning mountains in the background. And in that moment you realize that is where you and your family are going to experience an adventure.

In the village we tie our laces, put on our backpacks and together – as true travel companions – we hike out the village into the mountains. Exchanging the habited world for wild nature. 

Our multiday journey starts with a path elevating through a fairytale forest followed by mountain meadows full of flowers. Along the journey, we climb higher and higher. To reach mountain passes from where we thereafter descend to reach our mountain huts.

We cross little streams, sometimes we hike on earth, other moments we hike on stones. At a few days we hike above tree line as well we follow beautiful paths along mountain lakes.

Along the way, we take enough picnic breaks on idyllic spots to relax and nourish ourselves with the healing mountains. Some days we will even be granted a refreshing dive in a mountain tarn.

In the afternoon, we arrive at the mountain hut. Here you can choose what you want to do. Spend some alone time with your family somewhere in or around the hut. Or let the children play together, where one parent is keeping an eye on them. And as adult you find yourself to relax alone; enjoy the view, read a book, doze off for a moment somewhere in a mountain field or spend time connecting deeper with the other parents. Or maybe with some friendly Italians.

Around dinner time all guests gather in the mess room of the mountain hut, where we get served our dinner at the same time.

 For those who want, we gather before dinner to do a short meditation to relax, restore our energy and prepare ourselves for a good night sleep.

Every morning we wake up with a short meditation and yoga sequence with an amazing mountain view. After our Italian breakfast, we put on our backpacks and start hiking the beautiful mountain paths to the next hut.


of the journey

Experience an unforgettable mountain journey adventure with your family

 While hiking and playing in nature the children make new friends

Parents can have some ‘me-moments’ during the hikes and in the afternoon

Parents enjoy  inspiring conversations with other conscious parents

The journey has a beautiful balance between being active & relaxing

Both children and adults connect with nature in a deeper way


of the day

  • We wake up with a short meditation & yoga session
  • After that we have a small Italian breakfast in the mountain hut
  • We pack our bags and leave the mountain hut to start our hiking day
  • On the way we have breaks with; a second breakfast, lunch, relaxing, playing and swimming in refreshing tarns
  • In the afternoon we arrive at the mountain hut where you have; family / play / me-time
  • Depending on the hut we have dinner at 19.30 or 20.00
  • After dinner and before bedtime we have an evening meditation (when the weather is good)


The Mountainbreath journey felt like heaven, literal and figuratively!  

– Dirtha

I felt very peaceful, I was able to relax into myself and the journey. This made the journey for me a breathtaking experience.

Participant Mountainbreath

I got to know Caloe as a warm and very competent guide. She created a pleasant atmosphere by her calm presence and empathy. I felt free and safe.


let your child be free

in the fields of the heart

in the meadows of the soul

to breathe in life

and make a creation of joy





mountain route

In a mountain area which is

a well-kept secret, 

quiet & pristine



Hiking, yoga and meditations,

‘mountain baths’,  

and relaxation




special little and bigger

additional experiences

especially for the children


conscious group &  

experienced guide

Small group size

of conscious families (6 – 15)

Conscious guidance

for children & adults

Almo Caloe has a lot of guidance

experience in this specific region

with both children and adults


& food


6 nights in authentic

mountain huts

& 1 night in a B&B

7 breakfasts,7 lunches,

6 diners



Physical advice

& packing list


equipment present

 Gifted by arrival in Bergamo


Early bird* €1088,-



Early bird* €888,-


* Early Bird until 11th of April 2023




This journey is focussing on conscious families.

Obviously, ‘conscious’ is a wide concept, used within many different occassions. So I will give a bit of extra context to the meaning of ‘conscious families’.

For me ‘conscious families’ are families who are open to explore the world. Who know that the world is often way different then what is presented to us by main stream media. For me conscious families follow their own path of wisdom and truth. They are open to teachings, experiences and wisdoms of others. And like to exchange theirs as well. Through this they live and evolve their own truth.

Conscious families know there is not ‘one truth’, though are aware we can create our own truth by experience and gaining wisdom.

Conscious families spend time and attention to keep body, mind and soul in balance.

They are aware of the impact of their actions, either on their own lives or on the environment they live in.

They try to find a good way of living in good relation with their environment. And choose consciously to spend time and energy to create a better world, in a form what suits their authenticity, coming to a unique, valuable expression of life.

Above doesnt mean you are a saint or holy. You are on a conscious journey, living your life and learning about life on your way.

By sharing experiences we empower, enrich and inspire each other. Sharing a mountain journey together provides a beautiful space to let this all happen.

This description ‘conscious family’ is ment to bring the people together who resonate with each other. So we elevate each others experience and feel safe and inspired to share about ‘unusual’ subjects.

When you doubt about if you are a ‘conscious family’ and if this journey is ment for you, don’t hesitate to contact me.


The group  will never be bigger than a combination of 15 children and parents. A group size from 7 to 15 is the most beautiful as this provides both adults and children a variety of companions to hike, play and converse with. The group will not be bigger than 15 so we can facilitate a safe journey.

The journey will go through with a minimum of 6 people, three adults and three children



It depends on the children, but most of the times the children like to walk together with the other children.

When the group is big enough I will take an extra guide with me. Usely one of the guides walks in front of the group with the children. And the other guide walks at the back of the group with the parents.

Whenever there is a passage on the route which needs extra attention I will always go in front, to determine a safe pace and give assistance when needed.


The journey is a perfect combination of the possibility to socialize as well as offering the opportunity to connect with yourself in silence.


In the afternoon we arrive at the mountain hut. Here everybody can make their own plan what they want to do before dinner time.


The third day (the second hiking day) there is the choice to go for a little or a longer hike. Or when you and your childeren prefer. You can also stay at the hut.

On another day in the week we have a slightly shorter walk, which gives us the possibility to either have a lazy morning or afternoon… depending on the weather… Maybe we choose to stay for a longer period of time at the river to play, swim, build dams, relax….



Everybody with a good basic condition can join this journey. We take time for the hiking and take enough rest on the way. We will be in physical motion, but will not be in a hurry. You carry your own backpack which will be between 10-12 kg. Whenever you have doubts if your physical condition is sufficient enough, please contact me. So we can determine if the journey is a fit for you.


Make a beautiful round trip through the mountains.

 The route has a nice build up in such a way that the hikes in the beginning of the week are shorter, so our bodies can get into the hiking. Then we have some days where the hikes are longer. But still very doable in a day, where we will have plenty of time for breaks.

We are on our way the whole day, enjoying nature. As a guide I always keep an eye on the weather. WHen there are predictions the weather will change in the afternoon, we will have shorter breaks to be on time in the hut.

We leave the mountain hut around 9.00 and arrive at the next hut at around 16.00



The sessions are a short, sweat and easy sequence of 20/30 minutes, to stretch, wake and warm up the body. Connecting with the breath and yourself in that very moment. I always adjust the session to where the group is in their body and mind.



Mountain huts have a special mountain hospitality, they provide a safe accommodation for the night.  Expect a familiar atmosphere where you are been taken care of with a bed and nourishing mountain food. 

The common thing in every mountain huts is that everybody dines together at the same time. This brings a very cosy atmosphere in the dining room. Feeling connected with all people who hiked up the mountains to reach the hut.

Breakfast is served at a certain time, where we as a group eat together.


Mountain huts have different sizes of sleeping rooms. Varying from 4 to 15 persons per room. It depends on the hut where we are sleeping how the families will be divided in the sleeping rooms. Usely we share two or three sleeping rooms all together. We can arrange the constellation in the hut together.



The food in the mountain huts of this area is famous among the north Italians. In the morning they love to hike up the mountain with their whole family; children, adults and grand parents often as well, have a five-course lunch with water and/or wine at the mountain hut and hike down afterwards.

It is a special Bergamasque mountain kitchen. The Italians still love their pasta and meat, this is the base of their menu. Their way of cooking is authentic and good. Though not very yogi style 😉

For this journey I will arrange a special menu for us as a group, as much as is possible in collaboration with the mountain huts and the willingness of their cook. Just bare in mind some of the mountain huts are provided by helicopter. It means they are not able to cook so much with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Whenever you or your child has any specific diet wishes, please let me know. Than I can see what I can arrange.


During breakfast you will be served either a tea or coffee.

During the hikes, we will have breaks where I pop out my burner to make tea, coffee or soup.

At diner water is included. When you drink something else it is on your own account.




When you book you will recieve a supporting packing list to prepare yourself for this journey. The items are divided in essential & optional.

A good preparation will bring you ease and comfort on the journey 🙂


When you let your child carry as much as possible on his or her own, your child will learn to take ownership for their equipement and self-care.

Nevertheless you should taken into account how tall and strong your child is, to be able to hike the journey in a safe physical way. In the packing list you will be provided with your will find some more details considering ‘packing a child’s bag’.



Good hikingshoes are the essential items for this journey.

They need to be high, with soles with a good profile. Make sure your shoes are worn-in.

When you have questions about your shoes, don’t hesitate to ask me advise.


A well fitting backpack, with a good waistband & good shoulderbands is necessary.

    TRAVEL & other


By plane: Fly to Orio al Serio International Airport (BGY), Italy. Then take the bus to City Alta (every 15 min) From the Netherlands (Eindhoven), as well as other EU countries, you can fly easy and relatively cheap with Ryanair.

By train: from all over Europe there are good connections to get to Bergamo railway station. From the station you take the bus to City Alta (every 15 min)

By car: From everywhere in Europe Bergamo is easy to approach by car. When you come by car I will provide you with information where you can park your car safely during the time we are in the mountains.



We meet at a B&B in the beautiful old town of Bergamo (World Heritage UNESCO). I will profit everybody with some last packing guidance and we take a small walk in the old town. After one night in the B&B we travel into the mountains by bus, where we replace the inhabited world for the stunning mountains.


The last day we finish our hike in an old mountain village. From here we take the bus back to Bergamo. Depending on the wishes of all participants we find a soothing way to close off the journey together in Bergamo.

For planning your return travel keep in mind we probably will arrive in Bergamo at the end of the day around 18.00.


All lugage which is not nessecary to take into the mountains can stay safely in the B&B where we spend our first night in Bergamo. After the journey we pick up the luggage you left behind.

TERMS & conditions


100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before journey start date.

75% deposit refund for cancellation – 30-60 days before journey start date.

50% deposit refund for cancelation –  15-29 days before journey start date

0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before journey start date.


Whenever you need to cancel the journey due to illness you can; change your booking dates, convert the journey into another SPLINKYOURLIFE program, give your booked journey to someone else, postpone your booking to next year.

As  last option, we can speak about refund. I am sparingly with giving refunds, as I feel it is also your responsibility to stay healthy before the journey starts (by taking care of yourself and avoiding crowded places for instance). Nevertheless I am open to find reasonable solutions.  


When you book this journey for you and your family you agree to be clear about the health conditions of you and your family members. This doesn’t mean you have to share the whole medical history.

Just share anything what is needed for the guides of the journey to guide you in a safe way. Things necessary to share are; current or past injuries (which can carry out during hiking. Illnesses which can affect your ability of being active. As well as fears or mental challenges you experience, which might come to the surface while hiking.

Know we will deal with your medical information with care and confidentiality.



When you book this journey you and your family members agree to follow up instructions when needed along the way of our journey.

The hiking paths we are following are well maintained and good to follow. Nevertheless we will have some terrain where we need to pay attention on our movement. Here you will get guidance of the guides, to climb up or descend down safely.



your guide

Interested to join,

but want to get to know me

a bit better before you book?


In her twenties Almo Caloe lead many groups of children in several nature education programs for schools in The Netherlands.


From her late twenties she started to lead groups of adults and children in mountain areas of Italy, Slovakia, Swiss and Austria.


As well in her late twenties Almo Caloe started to lead groups of adults in a variety of different transformational programs in the nature of Sweden, Croatia and Spain.