experience journey


will allow you to relax 

Dear family,

You go on an adventurous journey! The pre-enjoyment of the journey started, the preparations  – to start the journey from a relaxed state of being –
are going to be made…

One part of this is up to you as a family. To make sure everybody is rested with the right equipment. You will be able to realize this by following the guidance of the packing list. Another preparation you as a family would benefit is to go on day hikes together, to train the body and get used to hiking for some hours a day. This will make the MOUNTAINBREATH journey easier and more enjoyable 🙂

Another part is up to me, to organize everything and have the necessary information of all travel companions to be able to facilitate a safe and pleasurable journey.

Related to this I have some some questions I hope you want to take a moment to answer them, this will support you & me (as guide) to let the journey flow smooth and aligned with your family.

Thank you for tuning in with yourself & your family.

With love & light,

Almo Caloe


2 + 6 =

Thank you so much for tuning in and answering the questions!

Through this we can go into the mountains well prepared 🙂

Did I already say I am excited for the journey?!

I am looking forward to give you an unforgettable mountain experience!